Poppy Cascade 


The Church displayed the cascade every day from 17/10/18 until 11/11/18. Below are just a few of the photographs taken by friends and visitors to the church. Our thanks go to the many contributors.



We wanted to commemorate the centenary of the end of World War 1

We wanted to involve the whole community and we decided to create a cascade of poppies 'falling' from the church tower.

Every section of the community has enthusiastically supported the project. Our initial target of 2,000 poppies knitted was quickly exceeded and we stopped counting at 8,000. 

This is the culmination of three years of planning and nine months work by every section of the community. Many many thanks to all who have helped.

We are indebted to the many photographers who have so willingly contributed to the photos below and many more besides. These include:

Robin Hind: http://northernclick.photo 

Michael Williams 

Bill & Maria Rhodes

Chris Jones Click the link below for more images and aerial video:



Photo courtesy of http://northernclick.photo 

Photo courtesy of http://northernclick.photo 

 The project was the brain child of Rev. Kath Darby 


 Photo courtesy of Michael Williams


This is what the poppies look like when viewed from the top. Photo compliments of Maria & Bill. You can see even more of their photos at:


 The poppies were mostly knitted, but some were crocheted, some were felt and some were made of plastic bottles.



 Attaching the poppies to the netting!  


Photos courtesy of mariaandbillimages.wordpress.com 




Soldiers of the Royal Artillery hoisted the poppies aloft for us.

 Members of the congregation and friends spread the netting out as the soldiers hauled it up.

Photo compliments of mariaandbillimages.wordpress.com  

Once the poppy cascade was erected, he had a service of dedication.



The Church was decorated with many more displays




We also played host to four of these ephemeral soldiers. A reminder of those who cannot be with us.


We also had pebbles decorated in commemoration:


 The following links are to the media reports on TV.




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